How many Videos can be sold?

As many as you wish! Shoot all those interesting incidents around you and upload onto Streampax. More interesting videos will fetch you more money. You can manage all your uploaded videos through streampax’s administrative portal.eresting events around. Let the world watch some fresh news!

How many videos can be uploaded on the Online Video Marketplace?


Streampax allows and provides a facility for video providers to upload interesting news videos onto it’s Online Video Marketplace for selling to TV News channels.

There is no restriction as to how many videos that can be uploaded onto streampax. By virtue of registering with streampax, one video provider will get a FREE storage space of 1 GB (1000 MB). He can utilize this space to store his news videos. He also has the facility to buy more storage space to store more videos if he so wishes.

Streampax charges for additional storage space because of two reasons. One, streampax is not a data-storage provision company. It is a marketplace to connect video providers with News TV Channels. Streampax will not be able to provide unlimited storage space for video providers to keep unlimited data. Video providers will have to keep their contents in their designated storage in streampax for Channels to select and buy.

The second reason is that video providers can decide how to organize their videos in the space that is available with streampax. They can remove old or unused videos from time to time from the storage of streampax. Keeping fresh contents in it is the best way to ensure healthy storage management and is the surest way to ensure better sales of videos.

Video providers can buy more storage space from streampax. There is a monthly storage fee depending on the size of the storage.