How Streampax works

Streampax has created a Full- edged Online Marketplace
to gather Citizen Journalists and Stringers across the world
to trade cost e ective News Visuals with News TV
Channels. We have created full ERP, Storage and Fee
management. A win-win for, Video Providers tend to make handsome income.

How Online Video Exchange Works for News Video Providers

It is interesting to find how online video exchange works for News Video Providers.

Streampax metamorphosis everyone with an eye for News into a Video Reporter for many News Channels across the world! Quite so!

As an Online News Video Exchange or Online Video Marketplace as it is commonly known, Streampax accumulates content rich News Videos from people around the world. Fresh News Video Contents have great demand in News TV Channels all over the world.

Streampax is an e-commerce portal for News Videos. Individual Reporters submit original news videos. TV Channels and Online News Video content providers will buy these videos as content inputs for their programs. Each video is sold at a price fixed by the video provider. Streampax will collect the selling price from TV Channels and transfer that to the concerned Video Providers.

For video providers, this is an excellent source of income. With a latest mobile phone, or with a professional video cam, one can gather enough news videos from his surroundings and ive those videos to TV Channels through Streampax.

News TV Channels find this mode of news video availability a welcome relief for quenching their thirst for quality news video contents all the time.

Streampax has built a robust technology platform to handle huge video data and transmission. Contents uploaded from across world can be accessed through the portal, by paying only for the very content that is downloaded.