Originally shot News videos (Not edited or copied) are sought for.

News,Politics, Issues, Interviews, Festivals, Sports, Events, Incidents, Travel or anything that you find interesting and has news value can be uploaded.

May be some incidents in your locality, or some untoward incidents.. or some complaints from the society or something that needs attention, Or may be an election campaign or a voting station, travel, events, anything that has some news in it… that’s what your content is!

What kind of contents needed for News Video Marketplace?

Streampax strives to aggregate News based Videos in its collection. Freelance video content providers will upload interesting news videos on to Streampax.

News TV Channels can search and find news videos. TV Channels have discretion in selecting and deciding which videos to buy and download.

TV Channels are very careful about buying news videos for their programs. They will always look for news videos that can grab the attention of their viewers. “Interesting Videos’ are the punch words. Incidents, Situations, Information, Politics, Interviews, Accidents or anything that could attract viewers will be up for grabs from TV Channels.

Video providers need to exercise their acumen in identifying interesting news videos. Interesting videos sell better and earn better. Streampax does not keep any benchmark as to what sort of videos are to be uploaded. TV Channels also will not suggest as to what they like. Its the news tapping skill of the video provider that makes him a successful news video provider on streampax.

General Contents and Exclusive Contents
TV Channels are constantly searching for new, fresh, eye popping news contents. TV Channels can avail all videos placed on streampax.

Video Providers have the option, based on the theme of their videos, to offer their videos to all TV Channels who ask for these videos or make it available exclusively for only one TV Channel.

The distinction is simple. General Videos are available for all TV Channels to buy and download. Exclusive Videos are those videos that contain special information, which a TV Channel would want to possess exclusively for itself. A Video marked as ‘exclusive’ will not be visible to anyone further to its first sale. The charge for exclusive videos will be more as compared to ‘general videos. General Videos can be bought by many TV Channels.

Video Providers have the facility to upload as many videos as they wish to. There is an administration panel available for them to manage their videos. It is advisable to remove old videos and keep bringing in new video contents in the offer.