Who can provide Videos in Streampax

Preferably Freelance Reporters, Video Content Makers or anyone who considers capable of creating videos with news value can provide videos. Details of video providers will not be shared with TV Channels. Even those who are employed can pursue it as a hobby. Use your Mobile Phone, shoot those interesting events around. Let the world watch some fresh news!

Who can be a News Video Provider with Streampax?

Practically anyone can be! If one posses some taste for capturing videos that can interest viewers, he is the right choice. Anyone with skills to look around for, find and capture videos that force others to take note of. That is the qualification, as long as he has a Registered Account with Streampax.panel available for them to manage their videos. It is advisable to remove old videos and keep bringing in new video contents in the offer.

There are enormous amount of incidents happening in the world in each and every minute. Those with their uncanny eyes, realize the news value of such incidents, capture the golden moments. There they are! Some show stoppers well in place!

Through Streampax, these moments reach at the glance of news hungry TV Channels. They are always in the look out for eye catching videos to snatch the attention of their viewers. News TV Channels pin point on such videos and grab it outright. And that’s where the money is for the Video Providers.

Details of the Video Providers will not go to News TV Channels. This is another golden chance for Freelancers. Even when being employed elsewhere, one can pursue his hobby of creating eye popping news videos for money, yet go unnoticed with his personal details.

Streampax adds anyone who is interested to create news videos into its folder. No prescribed qualification, gender, race, color or place of living. The only criterion is his ability to come out with original news videos. For, we want the viewers to decide as to which video is most attention grabbing.